Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

I Know Without Knowing

I know without knowingI know without knowing.
I speak in paradoxes.

Who I am?.

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Recycling Words

Recycling WordsWhat in this sentence can be recycled?

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I Came From Afar to Find Something New

I came from afar to find something new
I came from afar to find something new,
On men and women alike I reside.
With 4 legs or 2 I am understood by few.
On Earth or water a sphere is my guide.

What am I?

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The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker’s Dilemma

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker's Dilemma
Hey all you home birds…

The fam has been doing riddles trying to stump each other to pass the days. Here’s the latest that I sent which no one has guessed yet, see how smart you are. But don’t spoil it for
“OFF WITH HIS HEAD”, the king shouted! “But your majesty” said the Candlestick Maker, “It was an accident, the Baker mixed baking powder in my new batch of wax. Besides, I’ve been left blind by the explosion!” The Candlestick Maker was trying to please the king with a new scent in his latest batch of candles. The resultant wax mix caused an explosion in the king’s candle making lab. The king was not pleased, but eased off on his decree knowing that it wasn’t all the Candlestick Maker’s fault. “TO THE DUNGEON THEN” shouted the king, “AND PUT THE BAKER THERE TOO!” With a sad countenance, the Candlestick Maker and Baker were led to the dungeon, for how long, nobody knew! The king was steaming mad for what had happened, his lab was a total mess, wax and debris all over the place! Dinner time had arrived and the king sat down for his roasted pig dinner. As the king started biting into his roasted pig, the king shouted out “GET ME THE BUTCHER, NEVER HAVE I TASTED SUCH A TOUGH PIECE OF MEAT!” The Butcher stood before the king, shaking in fear, knowing his demise was at hand. “TAKE HIM TO THE DUNGEON”, cried the king, “LET HIM ROT THERE FOR ALL I CARE!”. Off to the dungeon the Butcher went, his head hung low as he was thrown into the same room as the Baker and Candlestick Maker. As the night went on, sleep was the furthest from the king, troubled by all that had happened that day in his kingdom. After a restless night, the break of day was a welcome sight to the king. “CALL THE DUNGEON MASTER”, shouts the king, “I MUST RESOLVE WHAT HAD HAPPENED YESTERDAY!” The Dungeon Master stands before the king and the king says, “I have a solution to my troubled spirit of putting my Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker in the dungeon all at once. Get me five caps, two with black feathers and three with white!” “Oh, and get me three blindfolds too! I’ll meet you down in the dungeon” said the king. Down in the dungeon the king gathers the prisoners together. “I have been troubled locking you all up in the dungeon all at once,” the king said. “I have five caps, two with black feathers and three with white feathers,” the king stated. “I will blindfold all of you and place one of the caps on your head and have the remaining caps removed. I will then remove the blindfolds from each of you one at a time. You cannot speak to one another at all. After your blindfold has been removed, you will give your answer and the blindfold will be replaced on your eyes. Whoever can tell me the color of the feather in your cap will be let go. DO NOT INSULT ME BY GUESSING, FOR BE WARNED,” shouted the king, “If you answer incorrectly, you will immediately be sent to the gallows where you will hang. However, if you do not give an answer, you will spend the remainder of your life in the dungeon.” The king tells the Butcher to remove his blindfold, the Butcher looks around at the other caps. The king says “What is the color of your feather?” Not wanting to guess and risk his life, the Butcher says “I don’t know!” “Replace your blindfold!” the king says to the Butcher. The king then turns to the Baker, “Remove your blindfold Baker.” The Baker removes his blindfold and looks around at the other caps. “What is your answer Baker,” the king cries. To scared to guess, the Baker answers “I do not know!” and replaces his blindfold. The king now is perplexed and turns away to leave. As the Candlestick Maker hears the king’s steps walking away he shouts “Wait my lord, what about me?” The king turns to the Candlestick Maker and says “The Dungeon Master has confirmed to me that you are in fact blind from the explosion, so you couldn’t possibly be in a position to answer.” “But I need to tell you something my lord that I am certain about,” said the Candlestick Maker. The king walks back and leans over to the Candlestick Maker, he whispers in the king’s ear. “SET THE CANDLESTICK MAKER FREE,” shouts the king.

What did the Candlestick Maker say to the king?

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The Old Miner

The Old Miner
An old miner finds himself struggling to stay alive. He’s been 10 days without food, he’s weak, barely able to walk and still high up in the mountain searching for shelter before nightfall. A major snowstorm moves in to the area with plummeting temperatures and high wind. Having only a tattered sweater the minor knows hyperthermia will set in fast, it won’t be long before he expires. As he slowly makes his way along the trail he sees a small bird, trapped in the brush, he kills the bird knowing it might be the only food to help him survive. He places the bird in his pack and slowly climbs the trail. As the miner struggles to make progress and ready to give up, he finds a small cave along the trail. As he enters the cave he hears a blood curdling scream coming from somewhere in the mountain. Scared, cold, hungry and all alone the miner enters the cave. With nightfall upon him the cave is dark and he’s barely able to see. The miner stumbles and kicks over something metallic. He searches and finds an old oil stove and an oil lamp, both still filled with oil. There’s also some wood in the cave, he gathers the wood, his body temperature dropping fast, hunger has set in, death is close, darkness has consumed the cave. With weak fingers the miner opens his pack, searching for the one thing he desperately needs to survive. Losing all hope, the minor’s frostbit fingers touch the thing he’s been searching for, his last match. Cold, hungry, and consumed by darkness, the miner has only one chance for survival.

Does he light the fire, the oil lamp, or the oil stove first for survival? Only one answer is correct or the miner dies…

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The Stormy Night

The Stormy NightA teacher in Tallahatchie is all alone on a dark dreary night in late October. Thunderstorms are in the area, the teacher is scared being all alone. A thunderclap pierces the night as she hears a loud bang on her back door. Startled, the teacher slowly enters her kitchen where the back door is. More banging on the door is heard as she sees a silhouette standing at her back door. Someone is trying to break in! Not knowing what to do, the teacher shoots the intruder through the door. Scared and all alone, she opens the door only to find that she shot her husband. The teacher in total shock, takes her husband and heads down to the basement where she submerges him a liquid solution for over five minutes. Still in shock she then hangs her husband from the floor joists in the basement and heads off to bed. After a fitful night of rest, the teacher wakes up in the morning and meets her husband at the local diner for eggs and crumpets.

How is this possible?

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4 Girls in the Forest

4 girls in the forestThere are 4 girls in the forest. They spotted a haunted mansion. It was creepy because it had been raining. They stayed there for the night and then in the morning they were hungry. 1 of the girls went apple picking. Then after a few hours a voice boomed out. We turned your friend into a tree you get one turn to find out which tree she is or she dies. They found the correct tree.

How did they find the correct tree?

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Riddle on Race

Riddle on Race
If you’re running in a race and you pass the person in second place, what place are you in?

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I Speak Without a Mouth

I Speak Without a MouthI speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind.

What am I?

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Last Sight

Last Sight
Whistling without breath
Straight rods of rain
Tipped with death

What am I?

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