Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2020

Recycling Words

Recycling Words

What in this sentence can be recycled?

Thank you anonymous for your submission!

I Came From Afar to Find Something New

I came from afar to find something new

I came from afar to find something new, On men and women alike I reside. With 4 legs or 2 I am understood by few. On Earth or water a sphere is my guide.

What am I?

Thank you Susie for your submission!


The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker’s Dilemma

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker's Dilemma

Hey all you home birds…

The fam has been doing riddles trying to stump each other to pass the days. Here’s the latest that I sent which no one has guessed yet, see how smart you are. But don’t spoil it for “OFF WITH HIS HEAD”, the king shouted! “But your majesty” said the […]

The Old Miner

The Old Miner

An old miner finds himself struggling to stay alive. He’s been 10 days without food, he’s weak, barely able to walk and still high up in the mountain searching for shelter before nightfall. A major snowstorm moves in to the area with plummeting temperatures and high wind. Having only a tattered sweater the minor […]

The Stormy Night

The Stormy Night

A teacher in Tallahatchie is all alone on a dark dreary night in late October. Thunderstorms are in the area, the teacher is scared being all alone. A thunderclap pierces the night as she hears a loud bang on her back door. Startled, the teacher slowly enters her kitchen where the back door is. More […]

4 Girls in the Forest

4 girls in the forest

There are 4 girls in the forest. They spotted a haunted mansion. It was creepy because it had been raining. They stayed there for the night and then in the morning they were hungry. 1 of the girls went apple picking. Then after a few hours a voice boomed out. We turned your friend into […]