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Bonus Unsolved Riddle

License Plates

originally published on December 11, 2009

You’re driving in your automobile on a fine spring afternoon in your fair city, and you see in front of you another car with an interesting license plate. And the license plate has 6 characters. They are T-A-N 2-7-0. The question is: What make of car is the license plate attached to? That’s it; elegant in its simplicity. Obviously, the license plate has something to do with the make of the car. (for instance, if you saw a VW with the plate BUG).

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2 guesses to Bonus Unsolved Riddle

  • Ben Tennen

    If T-A-N is short for tangent, and 2-7-0 refers to 270 degrees, then the tan(270) is +/-infinity, and the make of the car is an Infiniti :)

    Technically, the make of the car is undefined. If you evaluate the limit of the tan(x) as x approaches 270 from below (269.999…9), then tan(x) approaches +infinity. If you evaluate the limit of the tan(x) as x approaches 270 from above (270.000…1), then tan(x) approaches -infinity.

  • Dude

    Infinity is correct, Ben!

    You are today’s winner.