Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

$100 For Free

Someone posts that they are giving away a free $100 to whoever shows them they deserves it. One person posts (the post receives 1 point):

Don’t give it to me, other people deserve it more.

The next person posts (the person also receives 1 point):

If you give me the money I’ll spend it to make the world a better place

The final person posts a picture of a cat. His post gets -1 point.

When somebody dislikes your comment you lose a point and when somebody likes it you gain a point. You can also vote on your own.

Who gets the money?

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6 guesses to $100 For Free

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  • craig

    Since the first 2 posts got 1 point each I would think that they tied.

  • Luca

    I’d say the 2nd person would get the $100, because they tied and the 1st one said he shouldn’t get it.

    If that is not it, then I’d say:

    The person who deserves it.
    because it did not say it had to be one of those three.

  • Crabman

    Assumption: The three people who posted, also voted (up or down) on each of the three posts.

    Step 1: Infer how each person voted.

    I believe “Don’t give it to me” wants the money, and is hoping his unselfish sounding words make him/her sound altruistic therefore deserving. He upvoted himself and down-voted the other 2 showing himself as a deceiver.

    “Give me the money” wants the money. He also upvotes himself while down voting the other 2. He’s self-righteous.

    This leaves each of them with 0 points, and cat-pic guy with -2. Since we know the final score, cat man up voted everyone. This shows him as apathetic at worst, and fair at best.

    Step 2: Select a winner

    If these are the only three people to choose from, if I was to chose the most deserving of these three I’d chose the one who up voted for everyone. How each person voted shows true character as opposed the what each person posted IMO.

  • Crabman

    I want to point out that I considered #1 was honest, but in that case he’d down vote himself. However, I’m certain #2 down voted everyone but #2. Since #1 ended up with 1 point, he and #3 must have voted for him and since he voted for himself he was a deceiver. How do I KNOW how #2 voted? I don’t, but it makes the most sense and you have to start somewhere.

    The voting pattern I posted is the only one that made sense to me after considering the end result all possible vote combinations, starting with the presumption that all (and only the) three posters voted on all three posts.

  • Crabman your logic is far more concise than this riddle’s lack of details. So, here is the answer I have:
    The person with the cat picture. The other two people voted everyone’s post down and voted their own up. But The guy with the cat picture voted everybody’s post up.

  • This was a trick one, didnt find a solid answer in the comments lol so I’ll say the person with the cat picture? I wanted to post a $100 riddle too if you guys want to try to answer. Good luck: Hundred Dollar Bill