Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

17 Cars

This old geezer passes away and leaves his entire estate to his three ne’er-do-well nephews, Chip, Skip, and Nunzio. Now, he’d spent most of his money on women and wine and squandered the rest so the only thing he had left was 17 cars. So the sleazeball lawyer and the three deadbeat nephews, Chip, Skip, and Nunzio, show up at the carriage house to look over the cars. And the lawyer says, let’s see here. Your uncle left a third of the cars to Chip, half of the cars to Skip, and one-ninth of the cars to Nunzio. They look at him and say, “What do we do now? There are 17 cars. How are we supposed to divide them up?”

How do you think they did it? All three ended up with whole cars and the numbers added up perfectly.

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2 guesses to 17 Cars

  • Paul

    Since it made no sense to carve up a car, the lawyer included his own car into the equation making 18 cars available. Skip then drove off 9 cars, Chip 6 cars and Nunzio 2 cars. Again, since it didn’t make sense to carve up the 18th car and assuming the lawyer’s sleazy car was the least desirable of the 18, the lawyer said he’d take his car back as compensation for arriving at this sleaze-ball solution.

  • Dude

    You’re right, Paul!
    Your sleazy answer was right on the money. By adding in his own car, everything divied up nicely and he was left with his car after the smoke cleared.
    You’re today’s sleazy winner!