Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

Post Office Burglary

After a local Post Office burglary, five suspects were being

Below is a summary of their statements.

Police know that each of them told the truth in one of the
statements and lied in the other.

From this information can you tell who committed the crime?

Brian said:
It wasn’t Charles
It was Alan

Derek said:
It was Charles
It wasn’t Alan

Charles said:
It was Brian
It wasn’t Eric

Alan said:
It was Eric
It wasn’t Brian

Eric said:
It was Derek
It was Alan

Who was the Culprit?

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5 guesses to Post Office Burglary

  • The54man

    It is obvious that it is Derek. Since all other comments only lied about who they stated it was, since there could only be one culprit. Derek was the only one who it could be

  • Robin Sparkles


  • Tandin

    Alan for he got mentioned 3 times

  • Dude

    Derek is correct, The54man.

    Looking at Brian’s statement if it was Charles, then Brian was lying in his first statement, which makes the second statement true. Which would mean that it was both Charles and Alan. So it can’t be Charles.

    Which means Derek was lying in his first statement, which makes the second statement true. Therefore it can’t be Alan.

    So Eric’s second statement must be false, meaning his first statement was true, therefore it was Derek.

    You are today’s winner.

  • Dustin

    It was Derek