Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Kingdom of Skull

In the kingdom of skull, King Norse did not allow any citizen to visit the world outside. Also only a person with a proper paperwork was allowed to enter or he was sent back. A wooden bridge was what connected the kingdom to the world. The king had appointed a sharpshooter who would check every five minutes on the bridge to check. After checking, he would go back to his hut and return exactly after five minutes again. The bridge took 9 minutes to cross.

A merchant was able to escape the kingdom without harming the shooter.


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3 guesses to Kingdom of Skull

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    The merchant started crossing the bridge the instant the sharpshooter entered his hut. Nearing the 5 min mark, just before the shooter exited his hut, the merchant turned around and started walking back. The sharpshooter, seeing someone approaching the kingdom, demanded that the merchant present the paperwork necessary to enter. The merchant, not possessing the paperwork, was then sent away.

  • Dude

    Borgs, you are right. Thank you again for your riddle mastery.

  • m.vlsqz

    After three minutes and a half of crossing the bridge, he makes a u-turn and make it seem like he was from the other side trying to cross without papers. The guard will just “send him back” in effect making him cross the bridge.