Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

A Silly Barber

A Silly Barber
A completely rational and non-lazy man owns a hair cutting salon. It is thus positioned that being inside one hears passersby before seeing them. The man has perfect hearing , thus when someone comes he goes outside and talks to them, however there is one man seeing whom the owner goes back without saying a word, besides they are well-acquainted.


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12 guesses to A Silly Barber

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  • Crabman

    His partner/coworker. No need to talk outside when they both going in.

  • Brent

    Could be a deaf friend. They may “sign” a conversation without “saying” a word. After the completely rational and non-lazy conversation, the salon owner returns to his salon, besides, he has work to do.

  • BlueFantasy

    The man is bald.

  • Valen

    The barber would allow this man to do this because it shows that he might be related or he as well works at the barber shop.

  • Clark

    He sees himself in a mirror.

  • He hears someone talking outside that he knows, but then he goes back inside and sees his reflection in the mirror, whom he knows well, and doesnt say a word.

  • The man has no feeling in his left leg, therefore he cannot walk outside for people he does know because he knows that they do not care but people that he is not knowing of must be greeted as they are potential customers for the man boy child, there is my answer – yours sincerely Samuel Kemp

  • Stupidbro

    The man is Bald

  • Myannette fritz

    these people were all his customers whom he served, all he did was nod

  • Stephanie Parker

    He is talking to himself outside. No one is there but himself. The passerbys do not stop. So he is talking to the cars as they pass by.

  • BlueFantasy, you are the winner.
    The passerby is completely bald (alopecia universalis) , as they are well acquainted the barber knows that and being completely rational he knows he is of no use to the man.