Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Another Max Gaetanno Mystery

The Gaetanno family of Chicago is entertaining their cousin Sylvio, who is visiting from Naples. After staying for several days, Sylvio is getting ready to leave, when he presents the Gaetannos with a gift. It is a lamp that Sylvio claims is a very valuable antique that has been in his family for 70 years. It has small Italian figures that dance around the base when the lamp is turned on. Sylvio plugs it in to show the family how it works.

After Sylvio leaves, Max looks at his family, and says, “While it may be a pretty lamp, and it was nice of Sylvio to give it to us, it is not an Italian antique.” Why is Max so sure?

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6 guesses to Another Max Gaetanno Mystery

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  • lou

    Cuz maybe Italian ppl didnt make that kind of stuff

  • Dude

    Nope, keep trying.

  • Golly Kim

    An item can be considered as an antique if it is minimum 100 years old. Since the lamp is only 70 years old, it can’t be called an antique piece.

  • Dude

    That’s no it, keep trying.

  • Golly Kim

    If that is an electric lamp, then it needs a converter to work at Chicago. In Italy, the supply main voltage/frequency is 230V/50Hz, where as in Chicago (USA), it is 120V/60Hz.

    Since the lamp works in Chicago, it is unlikely to be made in Italy.

  • Dude


    Max knew that an antique lamp from Italy, which is in Europe, would not have a plug that would fit into a standard outlet in North America. He obviously bought it at a local store.

    You’re today’s winner, Golly Kim!