Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Another Max Gaetanno Mystery

There was a homeless man that was looking through the window of a nice restaurant. He notice a chef making a wonderfully-smelling soup. When the chef went into the other room to get some pepper for the soup, the drifter climbed through the window to smell the wonderful concoction. He apparently inhaled for too long because the chef came and found him smelling the soup. He was about to call the cops but Detective Max Gaetanno happened to be dining in the restaurant and decided to help out.

Maxi interrogated them both, asking thoughtful questions. Then the detective asked why the chef was going to call the cops if the unfortunate fellow only “sniffed his bisque.”

The chef said the smell was the product of many expensive and fancy spices and ingredients so it must be paid for. Max was pondering this until he saw a woman drop something from her handbag. Max smiled and said, “I shall pay for the indigent’s snuffle of chowder.”

However, the chef didn’t receive a single penny. What did Max use to pay for the homeless fellow’s lungful of consommé?


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4 guesses to Another Max Gaetanno Mystery

  • Roolstar

    A snif of perfume?

  • Dude

    Very close, but not it.

    Keep trying.

  • Golly Kim

    Probably, the woman dropped a coin from her hand bag. So, Max shook a bag containing coins and asked whether the chef can hear the sound of the coins. When Chef said yes, Max said the sound of the coins is the price for the smell of fancy spices that the homeless man inhaled.

  • Dude

    Close enough.

    Max allowed the chef to “sniff” the money.

    Great job, you’re today’s winner.