Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

Balloon Death

Some people are passing a balloon and inhaling the contents making their voices go very high. When the balloon is passed to one man, he inhales the contents and says something in a squeaky voice. After that he has a smoke of a cigarette and then dies. What killed him?

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3 guesses to Balloon Death

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  • Paul

    You would assume the balloon is filled with helium, but hydrogen will act the same way and is far more combustible.

  • You’re right, Paul.

    Never assume on RiddleDude. The balloon was filled with hydrogen. Hydrogen is very flammable and since the hydrogen was inside his lungs, when he breaths in some cigarette smoke, his lungs would explode. If the balloon had been filled with Helium he would have been fine. Helium and Hydrogen have the same effects, they make your voice go squeaky and when put into a balloon, will make it float to the top.

    Congratulations, you’re today’s winner.

  • Roolstar

    Inhaling smoke would ignite the hydrogen in his lungs??? hmmmmmmmmmmm……

    Or maybe it’s the cigarette itself that ignited the hydrogen still going out of his mouth?