Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Bird Stew

A man goes into an ocean-side restaurant and orders the albatross dish. He takes a single bite when the food arrives, puts down his fork, pulls out a gun, and shoots himself. Why does he do this?

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56 guesses to Bird Stew

  • Snyarhedir

    Now I have read most of the comments, including the one left by MMG and your reply to it. I am dumbfounded by how anyone was expected to guess such a specific backstory to this event.

    On another note, cannibalism was made exactly for situations where animals capable of eating meat are starving and at a loss for food sources, so how dare you go mad from the revelation, and how can you blame yourself, if you learn that that is what happened (especially if you were tricked)? After all, humans are subject to many of the same natural laws as other animals, although many of us wish not to admit it. Especially if the individual(s) who ended up as the source of meat had already died accidentally (as a few guesses suggest), this would make the man a stereotypical sheltered wuss of a human being in my book. It is called SURVIVAL; deal with it.

    Come to think of it, how would he know that the meat was not simply cooked and seasoned differently? Chicken French and chicken parmigiana taste sufficiently different, do they not?

    For such a short riddle, this one gets too many words out of me. I shouldn’t even be here; a Creepy Pasta comment mentioning this riddle led me here.

  • bradley

    he was eating a human

  • Shane

    HE got in a plane crash and they were going to eat albatross on the island they crashed on but they couldn’t catch it. When they crashed his wife died and she was the only casualty. When they couldn’t catch the bird they started eating his wife but he didn’t know it. He killed himself because it didn’t taste like the food he had on the island so on the island he was eating his wife.

  • Sydney Paik

    A long time ago, this man and his wife went on a cruise ship. The ship crashed, and the only survivors were the man, his wife, and the ship’s chef. The man goes to get supplies, and while he is out, the chef kills his wife. The chef makes the wife into stew, and when the man comes back, the chef tells him that the stew is albatross stew. The man eats it, and then the chef tells him it is actually his wife. Therefore, whenever he eats albatross stew, he knows that he is eating his wife. So that is why he killed himself.

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  • He had a shipwreck with other people but he only survived and ate his friends so he can get some food.People told him it was not his friends so after eating it he felt bad that he ate his friends and killed him self.