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Weird Door

Weird Door

originally published on January 12, 2010

Last weekend, I was doing a little shopping and some little errands in our little village, so to speak — downtown in Our Fair City. And, as you might expect, I was going from one business establishment to another. Opening doors, closing doors, going in, transacting business. Upon opening the door of one of the places I entered, I was surprised to see something affixed to it. There were attached to the door three brass strips. They were about four inches long and a half an inch wide, and they were nice and shiny, and each was affixed with two little screws.

As I opened the door to this establishment, I find myself looking right at one of these bars, which would put one of them right at eye level with me. One was six inches higher than that, and one was six inches below it. And I thought, hmm, that’s unusual. I went to another place of business and opened its door, and saw no such little bars. So, I went back to this first place and I looked at not only the door I had first entered but another door. It too had these three little brass bars attached. They were horizontal bars.

The question is: What was this building that I had entered that had this on the door?

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2 guesses to Weird Door

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  • Dude

    A bank is correct, Acorn.

    The bars are placed at six inch intervals to assist witnesses with describing the height of any escaping bank robbers.

    You are today’s winner.