Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
December 2023

Brightly Colored Cars

At the local model car club, four friends were talking about their cars.

There were a total of eight cars, two in each color, red, green, blue and yellow. Each friend owned two cars. No friend had two
cars of the same color.

Alan didn’t have a yellow car. Brian didn’t have a red car, but did have a green one. One of the friends had a yellow car
and a blue car and another friend had a green car and a blue car. Charles had a yellow car. Darren had a blue car, but
didn’t have a green one.

Can you figure out which friend had which colored cars?

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3 guesses to Brightly Colored Cars

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  • anant

    Alan had Green & Red
    Brian had Blue & Green
    Charles had Red & Yellow
    Darren had Blue & Yellow

  • Dude

    Correct Anant, Great job.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • Bunion

    The Chinese man has a yellow car, obviously. The African man has a black car for the same reason. Then, an albino man has a white car while the Indian has a brown car. All of them are Toyotas because they have no taste in cars.