Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Bulls vs. Celtics

As part of an entry test into RiddleDude Academy a special test was devised. Fifty applicants were placed into a darkened room, each with a baseball cap on their heads. These baseball caps came in two colors: red and green. However, no applicant knew the color of their own cap. The applicants were not allowed to communicate in any way. Their task was to assemble outside, in a line, with those wearing red caps on one side and those wearing green on the other. How did they achieve this?

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2 guesses to Bulls vs. Celtics

  • Ryver

    This what I could think of

    First two people stand next to each other. If they have the same color, a third person will stand at either side. If they have different colors, the third person will stand between them. Then the 4th person will do somewhat the same. The forth person will stand between the 3rd person and whoever has a different color of cap. If all of the first three people had the same color, then he stands at either side. The 5th person will them do what the forth person did. and so on and so forth.

    Eventually, a line will be made with all greens in front and all red at the back (or vice versa). The first person could go out of the line again and repeat the process just one last time to let the 50th person know his color.

  • Dude

    Correct Ryver.

    The first two out stood anywhere they liked. The next applicant looked at the line so far, if all of the caps were the same color, they stood at either end of the line. Otherwise they stood at the position where the colors of the caps changed from red to green.

    You are today’s winner.