Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Cat Burgers

One morning Jooha (a famous comic character in Arab tales) came home to his wife and brought with him seven pounds of fresh meat from the market. He told his wife to only cook part of it each day when he comes home. But on the first day, Jooha’s wife’s friends came over, four other housewives, and Jooha’s wife didn’t know what to feed them. So she cooked the meat. When Jooha came home and asked where was the meat, his wife said, “the cat ate it.” Jooha looked at his cat, immediately got an idea and did something and proved without a doubt that his wife was lying. What did he do?

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4 guesses to Cat Burgers

  • Roolstar

    He through something for the cat, and the cat ate it. It obviously didn’t eat 7 pounds of meat that day.

    A dirtier way, is to check the litter box…

  • Nope, good try though. Keep guessing.

  • Roolstar

    Well then, a couple of idea:

    1- Smelling the kitchen for cooked meat.
    2- Weighing the cat: and see if it’s 7 pounds heavier. Or assuming it can eat 20% to 30% of its body weight (Not sure about that number at all,I just estimated what my cat can eat) the cat must be at least around 29 pounds before using the litter box.

    But anyhow, since on average a housecat would weight between 9 and 11 pounds, it would be highly unlikely for it to have eaten all 7 pounds of meat!

  • Dude

    Rool, you are the “catwomen.”

    Weighing the cat is the correct answer. A normal cat usually weighs about 7 pounds itself. It would be almost physically impossible for it to have eaten the meat, and it would have weighed almost double.

    This is another one from the old children’s tales where Jooha takes the cat and weighs it and sees it’s seven pounds. So he says: “If this is the cat then where is the meat and if this is the meat then where is the cat?”

    Either way, you’re today’s winner. Nice job!