Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Chemical Solution

One of our workers wanted to make two identical mixtures. Each contains:
230 kg of water.
370 kg of (water soluble) chemical solution.
During making the first mixture he made a mistake. He put:
230 kg water.
470 kg of chemical solution.
How can he correct this mistake without losing any material?
These mixtures are mixed in 750 Liter containers.


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5 guesses to Chemical Solution

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  • Add 100 kg of chemical to the other solution.

  • Dude

    Nope, keep trying.

  • Big Daddy

    Add 62.16kg of water.

  • Big Daddy

    Wait (just read this more closely), since we are limited to 750kg, and since we need two identical mixtures:

    1. Pour half (350kg) of the incorrect mixture into a new empty container.
    2. Add 115kg water to each
    3. Add 135kg chemical to each

  • Dude

    You nailed it, Big Daddy.

    Divide the solution in half. Add 135kg of chem and 115kg of water to each container.

    Original solution was 600kg of 61 2/3% chemical. Mistake was 700kg 67 1/7% chemical. When you divide it, you have 350kg of 67 1/7% chemical – or 235 kg of chemical and 115kg of water. Then just make up the difference to get you back to the required amount.

    You are today’s winner.