Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Coffee, Tea or Me

Imagine you have one cup of tea and one cup of coffee.

Place a spoonful of the tea into the coffee and then place a spoonful of the tea/coffee mixture back into the tea.

Does the cup of coffee now contain more tea, or the cup of tea more coffee or are they the same?

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4 guesses to Coffee, Tea or Me

  • The54man

    The coffee cup has more tea than the tea in the tea cup

  • Boesner

    neither, cause you imagined it

  • anant

    I think the cup of coffee contains as much tea as the cup of tea contains coffee.

  • Chandramouli Suresh

    It will be in equal measure, lets presume there is 100 units of tea & coffee to begin with.

    Lets us presume the spoon capacity is 10 units.

    Initial contents:

    Cup T: Tea 100 Units, Coffee 0 Units
    CUP C: Tea 0 Units, Coffee 100 Units

    Transferring one spoonful of tea from Cup T to Cup C:

    Cup T: Tea 90 Units, Coffee 0 Units
    CUP C: Tea 10 Units, Coffee 100 Units

    When we again draw another spoon full of mixture from Cup C in the ratio of its contents as follows:

    Tea – 10/110*10 = 0.91 Units
    Coffee – 100/110*10 = 9.09 Units

    Transferring 1 spoonful of mixture to Cup T:

    Cup T: Tea 90.91 Units (90+.91), Coffee 9.09 Units (0+9.09)
    CUP C: Tea 9.09 Units (10-.91), Coffee 90.91 Units (100-9.09)