Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
September 2023

Coin Flip

There are 3 coins. When you flip them, at least 2 will land the same way. Does that mean you have a 50% chance of throwing all the coins the same way and it all comes down to the last coin?

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3 guesses to Coin Flip

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  • det

    “When you flip them, at least 2 will land the same way” it’s obvious.. so doesn’t change anything.
    the probability of three same landing is: 1/4

  • yes at least half

  • You’re right, Det.

    For all you technicians out there: There would be a 12.5% chance of all three landing heads or all three landing tails, but for the sake of the above question, there is a 25% chance of all three landing one way or the other.

    Statistically speaking, it’s a 50/50 probability that the first two will land the same way (two probabilities: both same/both different). So if they both land the same (we’ll say heads) then it’s a 50/50 proposition for the third coin to fall heads. 50% X 50% = 25%.

    You’re today’s winner.