Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Dead Body

Harold and Carole spent two wonderful weeks vacationing in Chattanooga, Tennessee recently. They rented a nice little cabin on the lake, with plenty of space to roam around and take hikes. Two weeks after returning home to Illinois, Carole picked up the phone and called the Chattanooga Police Department. “I want to report a dead body,” she said. She then went on to describe in detail exactly where the body could be found, and low and behold, the CPD found it right where she told them.

Later, the police visited them in person and the Detective asked her why she waited two weeks after returning to Illinois before calling in her information. You see, because of the time span, they suspected them of foul play. Once she told them her reason, they looked at each other, nodded and left. They totally understood why she waited so long to call. Do you?

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4 guesses to Dead Body

  • Paul

    After stopping home for a quick Pierogi and Kapusta dinner, Hell and Care had to attend the two week long Northern Hemisphere Prentzel Makers Association convention at the old Playboy resort in Lake Geneva.

  • Dude

    Yeah, that’s not it.

    Keep guessing.

  • Patrick

    While vacationing, the two took many pictures. However, once they returned and got their film developed, they noticed that in the background of some of the pictures there was a mysterious dead body. They reported it as soon as they knew about the corpse.

  • Dude

    You are exactly correct, Patrick.

    They didn’t know about it until after they got their film developed. They saw the body in the background of a picture they took. Then they called the authorities.

    You are today’s winner. Great job.