Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
March 2024

Dead Brother

There were two brothers, one was blind and one was in the hospital on life support. One stormy day, the blind man decided to visit his brother because it was his brother’s birthday. When his taxi driver dropped him and his Seeing Eye dog off at the hospital, he put his hands on the wall and immediately knew that his brother was dead. How did he know?


(Thank you Molly Rose for this enticing riddle.)

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3 guesses to Dead Brother

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  • Paul

    Using the automatic door opener button on the wall, the door wouldn’t open, meaning the electricity was out, thus the brother’s life support was also shut down.

  • Dude

    Absolutely correct, Paul.

    The front door of the hospital was a revolving door, and the blind man knew this because he visited his brother often. He put his hands on the revolving door. The door wasn’t moving, so that meant that the power was out and life support didn’t work. Because his brother was on life support, he didn’t make it.

    Paul, you are today’s winner.

    Thanks again to Molly Rose

  • Boesner

    although, hospitals have emergency generators in case of such a situation