Fit Ten Horses in 9 Stables

Fit Ten Horses in 9 Stables
There are ten horses in a field. They each have a stable. There was a storm one day and struck one of the stables. The stable burned. There are now 9 stables. Every horse has to go in a stable at night. You can’t build another stable and you can’t fit 2 horses in one stable.

How do you fit ten horses in 9 stables?

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  1. 3 of the horses can stable in TEN
    3 of the horses can stable in HOR
    3 of the horses can stable in SES

    That’s TEN HORSES in 9 stables

  2. I was also thinking it might be a word problem, and was thinking the problem says there is just one of the 9 stables that 2 horses can not fit into. But you could fit two horses in another of the stables.
    So 2 horses in “another stable” (not the one that can’t fit 2 horses in it)
    and one horse in each of the remaining 8 stables, yields 10 horses in 9 stables.

    But I wonder why “ten” was spelt out, but and ‘9’ is not.

  3. With his conviction, I’m guessing Fulgour has seen this before or some other way knows the answer to will presume he’s right.

    What I don’t like about this is that each of the “ten horses” had their own stable, then of their stables burned. Who use to be in the stable that is now burned?

    Doesn’t matter, there are no rules to riddles.

  4. Hey Crabman,

    I wonder if the original “TEN HORSES” on ten stables looked like this:
    [T][E][N][ ][H][O][R][S][E][S]
    In this case, each of the horses had a stable and there was also an extra “space” stable.

    And it was the “space” stable between TEN and HORSES that was an empty place-holder stable that burned
    Now we’re left with

    Another idea is there used to be “NINE HORSES” which would have required 10 stables. But by adding one and becoming TEN HORSES, now only 9 stables are required.

  5. T in 1, e in 2nd, n in 3rd, h in 4th, o in 5th, r in 6th, s in 7th, e in 8th, s in 9th.
    TEN HORSES in 9 Stables.

  6. As a word problem, it doesn’t make sense to me….

    A possibility: Like musical chairs, the horses head for the stables in the evening, nine of them get in..the 10th crowds one out and takes his place; that horse goes to another stable and crowds out the horse in that one; and so on all night. The puzzle doesn’t say the horses have to stay in the stables all night…just “go in”

  7. if you have ten horses and nine stalls spell out ten horeses it has nine letters so write in
    (t)(e)(n)(h)(o)(r)(s)(e)(s) in each stable
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9