Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
December 2023

Freudian Slippers

In order to best use his study time, Caleb has enlisted the help of four other students in his philosophy class by forming a study group. Each of the five students is assigned to read one of the first 5 chapters of their text Great Minds Don’t Necessarily Think Alike, and prepare a summary of the chapter to present to the group. Can you determine the title of each of the five chapters, as well as the student responsible for reading it?

Given facts:

Chapters — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Chapter Titles — Descartes Before DesHorse, Freudian Slippers, I Kant Understand It, Jung At Heart, Sense of Hume-or
Student Names — Alex, Caleb, Joan, Kiera, and Toby.


#1) Alex’s chapter immediately follows “Sense of Hume-or” and immediately precedes “Descartes Before DesHorse.”
#2) “Jung At Heart” is the name of a chapter that comes somewhere before the chapter assigned to Toby.
#3) Kiera’s chapter is three chapters after “Freudian Slippers.”
#4) Two consecutive chapters, in one order or the another, are “I Kant Understand It” and Joan’s chapter (which isn’t chapter four).

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1 guess to Freudian Slippers

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  • Claire Lim

    1: Jung at Heart – Caleb
    2: Freudian Slippers – Toby
    3: Sense of Hume-or – Joan
    4: I Kant Understand It – Alex
    5: Descartes Before DesHorse – Kiera