Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Fuel Door Bingo

Jock and Jack were happy to have their jobs at the new self-serve gas station in town. And, since the Farmer’s Almanac had predicted this to be the coldest winter since the last ice age, they were happy to be working indoors, while the customers pumped their own gas.

This station was so modern that it had a video camera for each of the pumps, and a TV monitor that would show the rear of everyone’s vehicles as soon as they pulled up to the pumps.

When the boredom of their jobs finally set in, Jock and Jack began playing a little game. The game involved trying to figure out which customers had pulled up to a pump with the fuel door on the wrong side– that is, facing away from the pump.

Now, they couldn’t see the cars pull in to the gas station. The video cameras were only aimed at the back of the vehicles. So, there was no time during which they could see the side of a vehicle where the fuel door was located. They could only see the vehicle after it was in position to refuel.

They had to make their bets before the driver shut off the key and exited the vehicle– before the dope slapped himself for pulling in on the wrong side.

Jack was correct 99 percent of the time. Jock was correct about 50 percent of the time, because he was just guessing.

What did Jack know that enabled him to tell when a driver had pulled up to the pump with the fuel door facing the wrong way?

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2 guesses to Fuel Door Bingo

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  • Paul

    Since blond women talking on their cell phone while chewing gum is probably a politically incorrect answer, how about checking which side the tailpipe is on. If the tailpipe is on the same side as the pump, the gas tank is on the wrong side. The 1% Jack is wrong would be if the car has a dual exhaust with a tailpipe on both sides.

  • Correct, Paul.

    The tail pipe in the rear of the vehicle is (99% of the time) opposite of the fuel door.

    You’re today’s winner.