Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

Going Down?

In London, the subway stations have three escalators: One down, and two up. Why?

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7 guesses to Going Down?

  • 1 goes up on the north side , 1 goes up on the south side, makes it easy for people to go the way they want, going down every one is going to the same place.the train.

  • Nope. Try again.

  • det

    my opinion (i didn’t verify with calculation but it sounds plausible):

    down->up – passengers arrive in waves, so the escalators have to handle a lot people in a very short interval

    up->down – passengers are arriving continuously in lower concentration (longer time to transport)

  • Det, you nailed it.

    The train riders are always trickling in, and one escalator is sufficient to handle the people who are coming in. But when the train arrives, it’s got a thousand people on it and they’re all leaving, you need the two escalators going in the same direction to accommodate them. Otherwise people have to spend the night in the subway station.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • Todd R. Chambers

    It is harder to go up than it is to go down.

  • smriti singh

    Because while going up people take time and it may create crowd if only one escalator is there where as since coming down is easy people can do it fast

  • df

    becuase ther once was a minecraft ladder