Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Hats Off

“Here’s the test: I have in front of me four hats. They’re identical except that three of them are black, and one is white. I’m going to place one of these hats on each of your heads. There will be one hat left over. That hat will be removed from the room, as will all the mirrors. Nobody will be at a disadvantage. Before we put the hats on, you will be blindfolded. Then my assistants will help me to remove the blindfolds simultaneously, and you’ll be seated so that you can see the other two participants. The first person to identify the color of his hat wins the job.

And as they’re getting ready to remove the blindfolds, one guy raises his hand and says, “I know what color my hat is.” Before they took the blindfolds off? How did he know?

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2 guesses to Hats Off

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  • Roolstar

    His reasoning probably was:

    If “Nobody will be at a disadvantage”, then we must all have the same chances of guessing and the same initial condition, therefore we must all be wearing the same hat color at the start of the conpetition.

    We all have balck hats on!

  • You nailed it, Rool!

    The key here is the phrase: Nobody will be at a disadvantage. You see, if one of them had a white hat, that means he’d be looking at two black hats, while the black hat guys would be looking at a white hat and a black hat. For nobody to be at a disadvantage, all the wearers would have black hats.

    Great job, you’re today’s winner.