Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

High Roller

A man is visiting Las Vegas and he falls for the local hype and heads for a casino with hopes of hitting it big.
He goes into this unusual casino that charges a dollar to enter, as well as a dollar to leave. He pays his dollar, plays the slot machines, loses half his money and in disgust pays his one dollar and leaves.

The following day he knows he’ll do better. He takes the money he has left and heads out to the same casino. He pays his buck, but just like before, he again loses half his money, and pays another dollar to leave.

On the third day he figures he’ll give it one more shot but his money is dwindling fast. The same thing happens. After paying his one dollar entrance, he loses half his money, and then pays his last dollar to get out. He’s flat broke when he leaves.

So the question very simply is, how much money did he start with?


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3 guesses to High Roller

  • Roolstar

    21 dollars

  • Dude

    21 Dollars is correct, Roolstar!

    Think about it backwards. If you wound up with zero then the last day he entered the casino he had to have walked in with three dollars in his pocket. So if on day three he had three dollars, then he had to have started the day before with nine dollars. If you work backwards to the first day, he started with 21 bucks, and that’s the answer. He had 21-dollars, paid a dollar to get in, he had 20 left, lost half of it. And so on.

    Congrats, you’re today’s winner.