Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
March 2024

Knave vs. Knight

On the island of Fuhgetaboutit there are two types of inhabitants: Knaves and Knights.

Knaves always lie and Knights always tell the truth. Dave was having lunch with Darren but wasn’t sure whether he was a Knave or Knight.

Dave decided to test Darren by asking him to ask the waiter whether he was a Knave or a Knight.

Darren said that the waiter had said that he was a Knight. Can you work out if Darren is a Knave or a Knight?

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4 guesses to Knave vs. Knight

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  • anant

    Darren is a knight

  • Tomas

    Okay, if we have ONLY 2 inhabitants Knaves or Knights. Then how could Darren say that he asked a waiter if he was a knave or a knight – when their couldn’t have been. Unless the “waiter” was a Knave or a Knight. Right. Therefore, Darren must be lieing that he asked a waiter – so he is a Knave. Right?

  • Dude

    Darren is a knight is correct, Anant!

    Darren asks the waiter “Are you a Knight or a Knave?” If the waiter is a Knight he will say so, but if he is a Knave he will lie and still say he is a Knight. Therefore the waiter will always reply that he is a Knight. As Darren correctly tells Dave that the waiter said he was a Knight, we know that Darren is a Knight (but we know nothing of the waiter).

  • Oliver Minj

    If the waiter is a knave he would be fired for messing up the orders.