Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Last Call

A young man sat patiently in his seat and waited for service. After awhile, an attractive looking young lady came over and asked if he would like something to drink. He replied that he’d like a beer. Being youthful in feature and appearance, she asks him to produce an ID. The woman checks his ID and, with no problem, serves him his beer.

Four hours later, he’s in the same chair and asks the same server for another beer. To his surprise, the server again asks for his ID. Not a surprise. She forgot who he was. He produces the same ID. The server informs him that she cannot not serve him alcohol at this time, as it would be illegal for her to do so.

The question is: WHY?

Hint: It has nothing to do with closing times, daylight savings or blood alcohol levels.

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3 guesses to Last Call

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  • Paul

    They were on a ship sailing from Ireland to America in the 1920s and while at sea he could drink all the Guinness he wanted, but once they arrived in US waters prohibition made it illegal to serve him alcohol.

  • A very nice guess, Paul, but not the answer we’re looking for. Without giving it away, however, you are on the right track. Keep guessing.

  • Don

    They were sailing on a ship from Canada to USA where drinking age goes from 19 in Canada to 21 in the USA. Sorry to piggy-back the sailing ship, but it fits quite well.