Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

Lost Marbles

You have three containers. One has only red marbles, one has only blue marbles and the third has an equal number of red and blue marbles. The labels on the containers have intentionally been switched so that each container is now marked incorrectly. 

Your job is to re-label the containers correctly. Of course you could just look in the containers to find out which labels match, but can you do it without looking into each container? Reach into any one of the containers and select one marble. Can you now correctly label all three containers? If not, select a second marble from any container. What is the fewest number of marbles you need to inspect in order to correctly label each container? 

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2 guesses to Lost Marbles

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  • PotatoRobot

    Only need to pick up 1 marble from red/blue bottle. If the marble is blue, re-label the red/blue bottle to blue bottle; blue bottle to red bottle; and red bottle to red/blue bottle. If the marble is red, re-label the red/blue bottle to red; red bottle to blue bottle; and blue bottle to red/blue bottle.

  • Dude

    Correct PotatoRobot!

    You explained it perfectly.

    You are today’s winner.