Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Lost your Marbles

A condemned man is called into the warden’s office. The warden tells him he’s going to play a little game. Here are two shoe boxes. In one is 50 white marbles and the other contains 50 black marbles. Tomorrow morning I will be blindfolded and I will choose one box and out of that box I will choose one marble. If the marble is white, you live, if it’s black, you die. Right now, you have a 50/50 chance of living. Between now and then, you may rearrange the marbles any way you like to improve your chances. What did the prisoner do to improve his chances?

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3 guesses to Lost your Marbles

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  • Rool

    He left 1 white marble in box 1 and put the 99 marbles left in box 2

    Prob of living = P(box 1) x P (White box 1) + P(box 2) x P (White box 2) = 50% x 1/1 + 50% x 49/99 = 74.747%

  • Dude

    You are correct, Rool.

    You’re today’s winner!

  • Rool

    Can I please suggest a couple of ideas?

    1- Can you specify the puzzles that are not answered yet? Just add something after their names on the left margin of this page I mean; this may intice people to take a shot at them. We kind of assume they are already answered…

    2- Can you put the answers on different pages (we would have to click on a link “POSTED GUESSES” to see them; and we can still submit our request directly on the riddle page. You would have a lot more responses/guesses (granted, some of them would be the same).

    And sorry for posting this here, couldn’t find anywhere for suggestions. Please feel free to remove this from this page after considering them, I would understand :)