Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Lunch Time

This is a story about a buddy of mine who works in an office building. Anyway, he’d been feeling pangs of hunger all morning. And when he finally finished his busy morning meeting, he glanced at his brand-new digital watch which he had just gotten for Christmas and he says, “Yikes, no wonder I’m hungry,” says Melvin, “it’s 12:01, lunch time!” So Melvin hurriedly dons his coat, hat and gloves and races out the rear entrance of the building. He heads for the diner across the street and he darts between traffic lanes, parked cars, and he falls into the doorway of the lunch counter there, and the door’s locked. There’s a sign that says, “Closed, Open at 11:00 A.M.” Huh? What happened?

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2 guesses to Lunch Time

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  • det

    # he celebrated the Christmas in a different country or at least in different time zone and he forgot to set the watch, his watch was right but in a diff time zone

    # he took his watch reverse so 12:01 means 10:21

  • Det, you’re on fire.

    Simple answer: He had his watch on upside down. It was really 10:21.

    Great job, you’re today’s winner.