Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

Mansion of Death

You’re in a mansion and the power is out. You see a green door and a red door. Pick one. Now you see a purple door and a orange door. Pick one. Now you see a door with a golden handle and a door with a silver handle. Pick one. You finally come to some signs on three doors. One says “Death from drowning,” another says “Death from machine guns,” and the last one says “Death from electric chair.” Then you see a big sign off to the side that says “Or stay in the mansion and starve to death.” What do you choose and still live?

Choose the door with the electric chair because if you recall, the power is out!

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9 guesses to Mansion of Death

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  • Paul

    “Death by electric chair” because the power is out.

  • Dude

    Correct Paul!

    You are today’s winner.

  • Ross

    The electric chair, the power is out

  • I was going to say electric chair, was the power out? Let me know if it is. Also here’s another murder riddle, lets see if you guys figure this out: Whos Buried In Grants Tomb

  • Isaiah

    Electric chair. How would there be electric running through if the power’s out? It wouldn’t. Also, if the power’s out, are there emergency lights? How would I be able to see the letters on the signs?
    I do not know what I would do after sitting in the electric-less electric chair. It does not give me any information about that. Maybe I’d just die of starvation after sitting in the chair so long anyways.

  • Kj

    Electric chair because it say at the beginning that the power is out
    But my question is how do u see the colour of the doors and the handle ..?????????????

  • Ava

    Electric chair because there is no electricity so it will not do anything you would just sit there

  • Jinny

    death from drowning

  • i would choose the electric chair