Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Marathon Men

After a recent running of the Chicago Marathon the judges were comparing notes to see who won. Here is what they came up with, can you determine the order of the final ten contestants?

Matthew Mackovey beat Tom Trueman and Jimmy Johnson.
Peter Parker beat Jimmy Johnson, Tom Trueman and Alan Acklenburg.
Zach Zucklestein lost to Peter Parker. Graham Glantz beat Tom Trueman.
Zach Zucklestein beat Frank Firestone.
Graham Glantz lost to Frank Firestone and Peter Parker.
Tom Trueman beat Brian Bandlebaum.
Alan Acklenburg beat Zach Zucklestein, Kevin Kindlet and Graham Glantz.
Kevin Kindlet lost to Graham Glantz and Matthew Mackovey .
Brian Bandlebaum beat Kevin Kindlet.
Matthew Mackovey lost to Alan Acklenburg and Zach Zucklestein.
Frank Firestone beat Tom Trueman, Matthew Mackovey and Brian Bandlebaum.
Tom Trueman lost to Jimmy Johnson and Alan Acklenburg.
Jimmy Johnson beat Graham Glantz and Brian Bandlebaum.

What was the exact order of the finish?

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2 guesses to Marathon Men

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  • Kayla

    1- Peter Parker
    2- Alan Acklenburg
    3- Zach Zucklestein
    4- Frank Firestone
    5- Matthew Mackovey
    6- Jimmy Johnson
    7- Graham Glantz
    8- Tom Trueman
    9- Brian Bandlebaum
    10- Kevin Kindlet

  • Dude

    Kayla, you hit the nail on the head!

    You are today’s winner.