Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
September 2023

Merry Christmas from the RiddleDude

“I planted five rows of four Christmas trees each.” The man boasted to his boss. The boss looked at him and said, are you saying you planted 20 Christmas trees in one day? No, the man said, I only planted 10 trees.

How did he do it?

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7 guesses to Merry Christmas from the RiddleDude

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  • Chris

    He did it in more than one day

  • Dude

    ahhhhhhhh …. no.
    Try again.

  • Rool

    The Star of David would work fine as a formation…
    Just imagine a tree on every intersection of lines in the Star.

  • Rool

    Not the Star of David at all!
    I always confuse these 2

    It’s a five points star with a tree on every angle (or intersection depending on how you draw it)

  • Dude

    You are correct, Rool.

    Draw a normal star. Imagine a tree at every point. There are ten points, but five rows of four, (re-using the trees multiple times of course).

    You’re today’s winner!!

    Merry Christmas

  • Clare and Julie

    Did he plant them over two days

  • Kyle S May

    only ten of the trees were actually planted