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Happy New Year’s from the RiddleDude

Everyone knows that New Year’s Day follows Christmas Day by a week. For example, this year, Christmas was on a Friday, and New Year’s Day will be on a Friday, too–seven days later, right? Here’s the question: What is the most recent year in which Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fell on different days of the week?

We hope everyone enjoyed the Riddledude in 2009. Don’t worry, the riddles will keep coming in the new year. If you had fun, please forward this email to all your friends, or paste it into your Facebook page along with our website address. Let’s share the fun with our friends in the coming year. We appreciate you.

Thanks again for playing.

The Riddledude

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2 guesses to Happy New Year’s from the RiddleDude

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  • Paul

    Every year. This past year New Years Day was on a Thursday and Christmas Day was on a Friday, then seven days later was New Years Day, Friday January 1, 2010.

  • Dude


    It’s a trick question. The Fridays in question were Christmas 2009, and New Year’s Day 2010. So every “year” they fall on different days of the week.

    Paul, you’re today’s winner!