Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
February 2024

Murder at the Cottage

A wealthy man lives alone in a small cottage. Being partially handicapped he had everything delivered to his cottage. The mailman was delivering a letter one Thursday when he noticed that the front door was ajar. Through the opening he could see the man’s body lying in a pool of dried blood. When a police officer arrived he surveyed the scene. On the porch were two bottles of warm milk, Monday’s newspaper, a catalog, flyers, and unopened mail. The police officer suspects it was foul play. Who does he suspect and why?

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4 guesses to Murder at the Cottage

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  • khate

    the police officer suspects the milkman.
    since the pool of blood had already dried but the bottles of milk are still warm.

  • seungmin

    maybe it is the newspaper guy. He did not come back after delivering the Monday’s paper, knowing that no one will be reading it. :D

  • Correct Seungmin.

    You are today’s winner.

  • I’m gonna say it was the newspaper guy, his shady butt was gone and didnt come back after delivering papers! Thats my guess, also wanted to leave a detective style riddle here, add it to your page if you want: Puddle Of Water Riddle