Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024


Here is a list of Names, Colors, and nicknames:
Names (in no particular order): Malcolm, Stevenson, Patrick, and Andrew
Hair colors (in no particular order): Red, White, Blond, and Brown
Eye colors (in no particular order): Blue, Brown, Red, and Hazel
Nicknames (In no order): Eddy, Acid, Stretch, and Prof

With the following clues you will soon be able to figure out the hair color, eye color and the nick names of each of the four guys.

1. The person with the white hair will have the red eyes
2. The nickname of “Stretch” belongs to the tallest of the four
3. Stevenson is the shortest
4. Andrew is shorter than the person who has the nickname “Prof”
5. Malcolm is shorter than Patrick
6. The guy with blond hair will have blue eyes
7. “Prof” has Hazel eyes
8. “Stretch” has the red hair
9. Eddy doesn’t have the red eyes
10. Three of the four have a nickname that doesn’t match up with the first letter of there real name
11. Malcolm doesn’t have the white hair
12. “Acid” does not have blue eyes
13. “Acid” is shorter than Malcolm
13. “Prof” is the second tallest of the four
14. Stevenson’s nickname has double letters that are right next to each other (like the T’s in “Letter”)
15. Patrick has the brown eyes
16. Whoever has the brown hair will have the Hazel eyes
17. Malcolm doesn’t have blond hair
18. Stevenson, “Prof”, and Patrick are best friends

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2 guesses to Nicknames

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  • Geoff

    Name – Nickname – Eyes – Hair – Height
    Malcolm – Prof – Hazel – Brown – 2nd
    Stevenson – Eddy – Blue – Blond – 4th
    Patrick – Stretch – Brown – Red – 1st
    Andrew – Acid – Red – White – 3rd

  • You’re correct, Geoff!

    Great job. You’re today’s winner.