Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Outsmart the Queen

In an ancient kingdom there exists an evil Queen and a kind Princess. In this kingdom, if you are accused of a crime you must undergo the Grape Test, which goes as follows.

Two grapes, one red and one white, are placed into a velvet bag and the accused must reach into the bag without looking and pull out one of the grapes. If the white one is pulled out, the subject is found innocent and released immediately, but if the red one is pulled out, the subject is found guilty and executed on the spot.

Because of the Queen’s jealousy for the Princess, she accuses the Princess of a crime and demands that she take the Grape Test. However, she places two red grapes in the bag to ensure that the Princess is found guilty and executed. The Princess is no fool and knows what the Queen is up to, so she devises a way of outsmarting the Queen, and sure enough on the day of her test, she is found innocent and allowed to live. She doesn’t cheat by looking or bringing her own white grape, and she defiantly pulled one of the red grapes out of the bag, so how does she outsmart the Queen?


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6 guesses to Outsmart the Queen

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  • She pealed the grape their all white inside

  • Dude

    No, that’s not it. Keep trying.

  • Eva

    She pulled out both grapes.

  • Dude

    Good guess, but no. Keep trying.

  • katie

    She eats the red grape she pulls out before anyone sees it’s color. The other grape in the bag is red, so everyone would assume the princess ate the white one. The queen can’t say anything or she’d have to admit to cheating.

  • Dude

    That is exactly correct!

    You are today’s winner, Katie!