Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Poison Pills

You have four unmarked bottles of pills each containing 100 tablets. One bottle of pills is poisoned. The good pills weigh exactly 1 gram a piece. The poisoned ones weigh exactly 1.1 gram a piece. You also have use of a scale, but can only use it one time. How can you determine with certainty which bottle of pills is poisoned?

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5 guesses to Poison Pills

  • give ome to a friend if he die,s ,thats the one if not try again Tommorow.Thats where the old saying comes ftom if at first you dont

  • Nope, keep trying.

  • Roolstar

    If by scale you mean “Numeric Scale”. And I believe you do, since 0.1g difference will not show on comparative scales.
    I will put 1 pill from bottle 1, 2 pills from bottle 2, 3 pills from bottle 3, and 4 pills from bottle 4.
    The decimal number shown on the scale will give me the number of the poisoned bottle.

  • You nailed it, Rool.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • hello, the trick is vary much easy firstly you take one bottle and take one pill and take 2nd bottle and take two pill and so on. the weight is 4.1 then the poison bottle is ist and the weight is 4.2 then the pois0n bottle is 2nd number and so on.