Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Practical Coke Joke

Maria celebrates her 18th birthday today. Ten of her friends were invited to the party. One of them–Mr. John– has diabetes, so she bought nine normal Coca-Colas and one can of Coke Zero for him.
She poured each can in a big Coke glass. As she went to bring something from the other room, somebody randomly put the glasses on a serving plate.
Why did you do that? She said angrily.
I wanted to help you…sorry…what’s wrong with that?
How can I give Mr. John his Coke Zero now? All the glasses are similar, and contain the same amount of Coke. Plus they taste the same! (Creative License if you disagree). Can you help Maria to find the glass with Coke Zero?


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14 guesses to Practical Coke Joke

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  • Manu

    She has to buy a new coke because she invited 10 friends and bought 10 cans of coke. But if you count her, too, she has nothing to drink. So she has to buy one can anyways. And this should be the coke Zero.

  • Dude

    Very clever answer, Nanu … but no.

    Keep trying.

  • Roolstar

    The foamiest one?

  • Dude

    No, assume they all look the same.

    Keep trying.

  • Golly Kim

    Diet coke is less denser than normal coke due to the exclusion of sugar (Diet coke uses a substitute for sweetener, which is in smaller quantity compared with sugar in normal coke). So, when the glasses are weighed, the glass containing diet coke weighs less than the normal coke glass. So, this way, Maria can figure out the glass containing diet coke.

  • Dude

    Well Kim . . .

    RiddleDude can not find any substantiation to support the claim that Coke Zero would weigh less by volume than regular coke. Could you send a link?

    Also, not the answer we were looking for, but always open to new answers.

    “Weigh” to think outside the box. Keep trying for another answer.

  • Dude

    Outstanding follow-up, Kim!

    Your way would definitely work for Coke vs. Diet Coke. However …

    The riddle clearly defines the single can as “Coke Zero.” I think it’s safe to assume that your method of weighing will also work with Coke Zero, so I am declaring you TODAY’S WINNER.

    There is, however, another answer we’re looking for. Here’s a hint. It’s a more fun and exciting method of telling which is which.

    Once again, great job!

  • Ice Princess

    Hmmm…well, if Mr. John is a diabetic, you could ask him for one of those sugar/glucose test strip thingies (as a diabetic, he probably carries around a few with him), and just dip it in the glasses of Coke/Coke Zero to find the one without sugar!~

    Also, you could try freezing them all, because I think that the Coke Zero being without sugar (well, actual sugar) should freeze differently.

    OR you could maybe get a little bit of soda from each glass, put it on a plate, and wait for it to evaporate. Perhaps the coke zZero spot wouldn’t be sticky…I dunno.

    All of these are basically guesses, and most, if not all, are probably wrong. Oh well.

  • Dude

    Great ideas, but we’re looking for something a bit more fun!

    Keep trying.

  • Lou

    Put a mento in each coke and coke 0 to find the coke zero it wouldn’t fizz up as bad as a coke would

  • dude2

    Lou, i’m not dude, but you are right!

  • Dude

    Lou, sorry I missed you.

    Yes, Mentos is the secret. When dropped into a glass of soda, the reaction is unmistakable. Diet Coke and Coke Zero tend to go a bit higher than regular soda, because they have a little more carbonation and the sweeteners help make the reaction a little bigger. So by dropping Mentos into all of the glasses, you should be able to tell which one is the Coke Zero. You would, however, waste all the pop.

    You’re today’s winner.

  • skylar

    um its still in the can or theres zero of it or well she doesnt have one she only got ten in total idk