Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Road Hog

Sunny Italy. The land of our ancestors, fabulous food, amazing art, and crazy drivers. While many Italian cities claim to have the best cuisine, or the best impressive art collections, they all come in a distant second to Naples when it comes to the craziest drivers. In fact, Neapolitan drivers might just be the craziest drivers in the world. And they adhere to a simple creed: I’m the only driver on the road, and mine is the only car.

Now in addition to being the craziest of drivers, Neapolitan men are without a doubt, also slaves to fashion. So when a certain law was enacted a few years ago in Italy, it led to an unusual and unique fashion creation. Are you ready for this? Neapolitan men began wearing white shirts with a specific design on them. So the question is: What was the law that led to this odd style in men’s attire and what was the design?

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2 guesses to Road Hog

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  • Ice Princess

    Hmmm…did it have something to do with the Holocaust happening or something…? I believe that the Jewish colors are blue and white, and that Naples has had a Jewish presence in it for many years, so…Perhaps the symbol was the six-pointed star of David?

    Was it the Manifesto of Race law/policy that brought this on? Or perhaps the Nuremberg Laws?

  • Dude

    No, you’re way off. Keep trying.