Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
April 2024

Salad Fixens’

John Silverstein was jailed for poisoning his own brother for 10 years. Now, he is finally getting out. Detective Courtney Grimier and Police Officer James Copperfield were anxious. “All I wanted for now is to build a garden of my own. I have always wanted to be botanist, the main reason why I studied plants,” he told the detective and the officer. Detective Grimier and PO Copperfield went to John’s garden. There was a flower’s section with rows of marigolds, orchids, chrysanthemums and violets. There’s also the fruits section with pears, apples, grapes and oranges. Beside it was a vegetables section with broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers and celery. The two sat by a picnic table in the middle of the garden. Then, John came out carrying two plates of fresh green salad. “I believe that you doubt about my innocence. I’m proud to tell you that I have changed. As you can see, I have a beautiful garden here as my sanctuary and business. I’m a criminal no more.” The two just nodded. Going home, Detective Grimier told PO Copperfield, “He is not a criminal now, but he sure isn’t a botanist!” Why did Detective Grimier think that John is not a botanist?

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4 guesses to Salad Fixens’

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  • Sid

    May be because planting flowers or any thing of that kind is termed as Horticulture and not Botany. Botany is the scientific study of plants.

  • A very good guess, but not the answer we were looking for. The answer to this riddle is much less complicated.

  • Riddl

    cucmber is a fruit

  • Dude

    You are correct, Riddl.

    Cucumbers are fruits, not vegetables! John says he had been studying plants because he wanted to be a botanist but yet, he mixed up a very fundamental fact.

    You are today’s winner.