Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
June 2024

Secret Identities

Quick show of hands — who can tell me who Wally West is?

Those of you not raising your hands probably had girlfriends in high school. Those of you with your hands flailing through the air probably spent your youth debating whether or not Wolverine’s claws could cut through Captain America’s shield.

Yes, any connoisseur of the comic medium will tell you that Wally West is the secret identity of the super-speedster known as The Flash, (one-time Kid Flash and nephew of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen) an identity kept hidden from both the general public and his super-powered adversaries.

Tell the RiddleDude how many of these Super Heroes you can name from their secret identities:


1. Peter Parker
2. Bruce Wayne
3. Tony Stark
4. Victor Creed
5. Arthur Curry
6. Johnny Blaze
7. Kit Walker
8. Diana Prince
9. Wesley Dodd
10. Eel O’Brian
11. Dick Grayson
12. Oliver Queen

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2 guesses to Secret Identities

  • Sachin

    1. Peter Parker- Spider Man
    2. Bruce Wayne- Batman
    3. Tony Stark- Iron Man
    4. Victor Creed- Sabretooth (X-Men)
    5. Arthur Curry- Aquaman
    6. Johnny Blaze- Ghost Rider
    7. Kit Walker- The Phantom
    8. Diana Prince- Wonder Woman
    9. Wesley Dodd- Sandman
    10. Eel O’Brian- Plastic Man
    11. Dick Grayson- Batman Robin
    12. Oliver Queen- Green Arrow

  • Dude

    Correct on all accounts, Sachin.

    You are today’s winner.