Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Secret Message

Jenny’s aunt recently passed away. In her will it said that there was a treasure for Jenny, if she could figure out the directions. Jenny’s aunt was a great scholar and she loved a good teaser. In the directions she wrote:

My dear Jenny,
To find the treasure that I have left you, you just have to follow some instructions that I have for you. please do exactly everything that I tell you to and you will find the trasure. It will be wrapped tightly in a small packagge ready for you. I trust you, because I know that you are very intelliggent and you will find it for sure. Even if you don’t find it, I know that you would have at least tryed. I know that its really hard for you to figure thiss letter out, but do try. The pakage will be waiting for you there. You have been wonderful person to be vith. So, keep trying and you will find that treasure!

Your Aunt

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4 guesses to Secret Message

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  • Boesner

    Looking at the spelling errors give you the answer.
    P- you. please do….
    E- treasure
    G- packagge
    G- intelliggent
    Y- tryed
    S- thiss
    C- pakage
    v- vith
    I think you are missing other lines in the letter, cause it looks like the answer should be Peggy’s Cove

  • Dude

    Very close, Boesner. Look again, all the clues are there.

  • Boesner

    Ahh, yes yes, got it
    Peggy’s cave
    A- been a wonderful…
    E- Sincerly

  • Dude

    Correct Boesner.

    The treasure was in a place called Peggy’s Cave. Jenny’s aunt, as mentioned before was a great scholar, so she wouldn’t have made all those mistakes in her writing. All the spelling and grammatical mistakes put together will spell Peggy’s Cave.

    … for you. please… (P)
    … find the trasure… (e)
    … a small packagge… (g)
    … very intelliggent… (g)
    … at least tryed… (y)
    … that its really… (‘)
    … thiss…(s)
    … The pakage will… (C)
    … been wonderful person… (a)
    … to be vith… (v)
    … Sincerly… (e)

    You’re today’s winner.