Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Secret Note

A man’s life was at an all time low. He lost his job, his wife, his house; and now his mom just died in a car accident. After the funeral, a man approached him and told him that his mom had taken a mortgage on the house and left him nothing except one thing. It was a note that read:

Dear my only son,

Thhaenrge! Tmhoe Bnaecykiyarsd

After he read the note, he finally got a smile on his face. What did his mom tell him in the note?


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3 guesses to Secret Note

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  • there hangs the money n the back yard

  • Dude

    You are correct!

    If you don’t understood what it read, it said:
    “Hang in There! Money is in the back yard.”


    ThHaEnRgE! TmHoE BnAeCyKiYARsD
    If you can read, you can see the “hang” is literally in “there” and “money is” is literally in “the backyard.” By the way, the mom hid the money in the garden, if you were wondering.

    Congratulations Carole, you’re today’s winner.

  • I couldn’t help but read the answer! Mother seemed to be very witty and the son wittier because it’s not very easy to read between the jumbled words.
    Here’s a brainteaser link , hope you will enjoy there –