Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Smart Kids

Carole was sitting at her study table, home alone, on a cold and stormy night. Her parents had taken a flight earlier in the morning to Chicago as her grandmother had passed away. She had wanted to join her parents but had an important English exam the next day–which she could not miss.

The storm was getting worse by the minute and the wind was howling outside. All this noise made it very hard for her to concentrate. She was on the verge of dozing off when she was shaken alert by a sudden “Bang!” She dismissed it as a window which had been slammed shut by the wind.

She tried to concentrate on her books when she heard faint footsteps. Carole got out of her room and looked around when suddenly and without warning, she was grabbed by the neck. She tried to scream but it came out as a mere whimper as the intruder was pressing hard against her throat with his arm. She tried to free herself from his grip but to no avail.

“Give me all your money!” growled the man who had grabbed her from behind.

“There is no money! Please let me go!” cried Carole.

“Don’t LIE TO ME!” screamed the increasingly agitated man. She felt the man strengthen his grip around her neck. She said nothing and a few seconds passed by in silence. Suddenly the phone rang which startled both of them.

“People will get suspicious if I don’t answer the phone,” said Carole, with a controlled voice. The intruder let her go.

“Alright, but NO funny business, or ELSE!” said the nervous intruder. Carole walked toward the phone. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. She picked up the phone.

“Hey Carole! How’s the revision going?” said the caller.

“Hey Jenna. Thanks for the call. Hey you know those Science notes I lent you last week? Well I really need them back. It would be a great help to me. It’s an emergency, so if you could get them to me by tomorrow it would be great. Please hurry in finding the notes. I need to get back to my books now. Bye,” Carole said. She hung up the phone.

“It was wise of you not to say anything,” said the intruder, although he was more than a bit confused by her conversation.

“Now TELL ME WHERE THE MONEY IS KEPT!” screamed the thief.

“It’s in my dad’s room. The first room on the right. Third drawer,” said Carole.

“SHOW me!” said the man, and removed his grip around her neck. She took a big gulp of air and nearly fell. She swallowed hard and said a silent prayer. She walked slowly, in silence, toward her father’s room. All of a sudden, they heard police sirens. The intruder froze in his footsteps. He ran to the nearest window and jumped out of it.

Carole ran outside in time to see the intruder being escorted into the car. She saw Jenna and she ran toward her and hugged her.

“Smart kids,” said the policeman.

What had happened?


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29 guesses to Smart Kids

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  • Jordan

    Carole asked for her Science notes when she was supposed to study English. That made Jenna suspicious and call the police.

  • Dude

    Not the answer we’re looking for, keep trying.

  • Eva

    Jenna figured that if carole really needed the notes then she would’ve called her herself so that made her suspicious and called the police

  • Dude

    Nope, keep trying.

  • Eva

    Her exam was the next day so why would she need the notes by tomorrow if she could not use them?

  • Dude

    Noooo, that’s not it.

  • JM

    her voice was raspy from being strangled and alerted Jenna to call the police

  • Dude

    That’s not it either.

  • Eva

    Hint please?

  • Dude

    The answer is in the phone conversation.

  • JM

    im guessing it has something to do with jenna not being the person who called. so when carole said hi jenna, it alerted the “caller” to call the police. but i still don’t get how jenna is there at the end.

  • Eva

    I THINK I MAY HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!! Jenna is Carole’s neighbor and when jenna saw somebody go into caroles house she called carole. she knew not to ask carole if she was ok because then the person who broke in might kill her so when carole tried to get off of the phone as quick as possible that made her suspicious and call the police. Please let this be the answer!

  • Dude

    Sorry but that’s not it. Keep trying.

  • Eva

    Ugh! Another hint please?? :)

  • Dude

    Let’s just say that Jenna only heard what she was supposed to hear.

  • Eva

    All i can think of now is that jenna knew where the phone was in the house and she heard some noise coming from lets say the kitchen and she knew that carole couldnt have been in the kitchen while on the phone and she knew that she was the only person supposed to be in the house so that made her call the police. If this isnt the answer then i give up :(

  • Dude

    That’s not it. Keep thinking!

  • Eva

    Can you please just tell us the answer?

  • Eva


  • Eva


  • Ice Princess

    Ummm…not sure at all, but during their phone conversation, Carole was using a lot of “warning” phrases, like “Well I really need…(next sentence) help”, “it’s an emergency”, “please hurry”, “I need to get back”…Yeah, I think that’s all that I found.

    Maybe she put more emphasis on those words or something?

    I dunno, just a guess.

  • Dude

    That’s maybe as close as we’re going to get:

    Carole had used the mute button during her conversation with Jenna so that all Jenna heard was: “call…help…emergency…please hurry”. Jenna, sensing something was wrong, called the police and told them Carole’s address. The police were able to come to Carole’s house in time to catch the perpetrator.

    Great job, you’re today’s winner.

  • the girl and her friend have a secret code for when these things happen. and that question is for LOSERS!

  • mad

    she used the mute button and just said
    call help emergency please hurry now

  • She was studying for English not science and her friend got suspicious

  • She used the mute button

  • It was close to midnight when the intruder came and when jenna called it would have been tommorow and when she came she saw what was happening and called the police

  • So lets say Jenna heard these ridlled words in the call ,:Hi, help me, its an emergency hurry, bye . If you take the ither words out and you think that carol didnt even lend jenna notes science notes so jenna heard what she was supposed to hear the words up snd she called the police