Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
May 2024

Spilled Soup

A few weeks ago, my cousin Rodger calls me up and tells me that my cousin Michelle is sick. He says, “I’ll make her some homemade chicken soup if you will deliver it to her.” So, after work, I show up at Rodger’s house. When I get there, Rodger is pouring chicken soup into a plastic container and mumbling that he can’t find the right cover for it. We try one, and it pops off. We put another cover on. It pops off. I tried to put tape on the cover, and the tape won’t stick to the plastic. So, I very carefully carry the chicken soup out to my Ford Mustang and lay it on to the floor of the passenger side. With great trepidation, I pull away from the curb. I realize as I’m driving that my house is between Rodger’s house and Michelle’s house, and I should stop off at home, see the wife and kids, check my emails (especially stuff), and maybe have supper.

So, I stop at home. I have supper. I sit in front of the TV, and I fall asleep watching a “Boston Legal” rerun. Hours later, I wake up. I hurriedly grab a few old “Games” magazines and some fruit (that we were going to throw away anyway). I jump in the car and drive to her house, which is several miles from my house—never once concerned that I’m going to spill the soup. And, in fact, I don’t spill a drop of it.

Why was I not concerned about spilling the soup on my way to Michelle’s?

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3 guesses to Spilled Soup

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  • because the soup went solid and could not spill,good soup will do that. I hope your cousin is better.

  • That is an outstanding answer, considering it was not the answer we were looking for. The classic answer is that the soup “froze” while sitting in the car, because it was winter and the temperature was very cold.

    However, your answer works and therefore …

    You’re today’s winner!

  • Paul

    Carole knocked this one out of the ballpark, because everyone knows Rodger and Michelle live in Florida where it never gets cold enough to freeze soup. Gelatinous Soup – Yum!