Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
July 2024

Square Root

Draw four rectangles on a piece of paper. Put nine x’s in the four rectangles so that there is an uneven number of x’s in each rectangle.

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6 guesses to Square Root

  • i have no guess . so i cant wait to see the answer.

  • Roolstar

    Just make 2 of them overlap and put an X in the Comon area…

    The rest is easy….

  • dude

    You’re on the right track, Rool. Keep trying.

  • Paul

    Draw a smaller rectangle exactly in the middle of a larger rectangle. Draw the other two rectangles off to the side and put three x’s in each. With the remaining three x’s draw one x corner-to-corner in the large rectangle and the other two x’s in the smaller rectangle. Now each of those will have three – the larger one with the big x and the two x’s in the smaller rectangle and the smaller with it’s two and a shorter version of the x in the larger rectangle.

  • Paul and Roolstar, we like your answer very much. The overlapping rectangles is the key. Here is the answer the RiddleDude came up with:

    Draw one large rectangle. Then draw the three smaller rectangles within the large rectangle. Place three x’s in each small rectangle. There will be nine x’s in the large rectangle.

    Congratulations to Rool and Paul for coming up with equally-correct answers.

  • Andy

    Draw 4 rectangles of different sizes where the each one contains the next smaller and all smaller than it. Put 1 x in the center rectangle, 2 x’x in the next so it has a total of 3. put 2 x’s in the one larger than it so that it has a total of 5 and in the largest one, put 4 x’s so that it has a total of 9.