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State the City

Bonus Unsolved Riddle

Originally published on August 31, 2010

Imagine you’re at home in a city somewhere in the United States. You decide to travel along each of the four compass directions, north, south, east, and west. Day 1, you travel due north and you eventually cross a state line. Let’s call this state X. You return home.

The next day you decide to travel due south. Again you come to the border of your home state and its neighbor. It is also state X. You return home amazed.

Day 3, you elect to proceed due east and you are shocked to find out that the first state you reach is, again, state X! On the fourth day you travel due west and soon are stupefied to find a sign saying, “Welcome to State X”!

There is only one city in the United States whereby traveling along the four compass points, north, south, east and west, the first state you reach is identical no matter which direction you choose.

Name the city and the state.


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Enjoy, . .  I’ll give you the last word.


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14 guesses to State the City

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  • Paul

    Carter Lake, Iowa – Omaha Nebraska is on the north, south and west. To the east is the Missouri river, which the Nebraska state line is located in the middle of the channel. The result, Carter Lake, Iowa is completely surrounded by the state of Nebraska. It was created in the 1800s when, due to a flood, the Missouri river redirected its course.

  • Great guess, Paul but that’s not it.

    From this city, you will reach a state line (not a body of water) and it is the same state no matter which of the four directions you travel.

    Keep guessing!

  • Sid

    Hey is it the city of Stanford, Connecticut? Tell me fast. I am avid to know about it.

  • Sorry Sid, but the Dude says NO.

    Keep trying.

  • layda

    how do u find out?

  • Kitzmiller, MD? Reaching West Virginia, traveling along main compass points from your home in the southeast corner of the city.

  • Dude

    Jimmy, that is not the answer I have.

    I’ve inspected Kitzmiller, MD and yes, if you lived in the SE corner of town, the scenario works.

    Ironically, The RiddleDude has an answer just over 100 miles away from Kitzmiller.

    Great answer, but keep trying.

  • alright, how about the southwest corner of Cumberland, MD?

  • PotatoRobot

    Once again, this works if you’re deep into the SW corner of the town.

    You are now 63 miles away from the spot we’re looking for.

    Great job, keep looking.

  • AArgh! I’m running out of darts!

  • paul

    Campbells, WV

  • Dude

    Nope, good try but that one doesn’t work.

    The correct answer IS in West Virginia, however.

    Good luck.

  • Paul

    Potomic Park, West Virginia

  • Dude

    Paul, since you’re .9 miles away from the answer, we’re going to give it to you.

    Potomac Park is techincally not a city, it’s a … well … a park. Located in Falling Waters, WV it’s just up the road from the center of Marlowe, WV., which is the answer we were looking for.

    If you travel due North, South, East or West you will always wind up at the border of Maryland. See for your self by clicking this link and expanding the map.

    Great job everybody, lots of good, imaginative answers.

    Paul, you are today’s winner.